Foodie Finds!

I thought this would be a good place to share our finds.  Be it a restaurant, new product, tips, and even Blog Links.  If you would like to add your link feel free to contact me.

Cool Foodie Blog Links:

Peas and Crayons  A Hungry Spoon  A Bitchn' Kitchen  Baking Serendipity  Florida Coastal Cooking

My Favorite Places to Eat:

Gene's Tasty Burger  Gyros and Kebobs  Bill's Catfish Restaurant  Panda Kitchen  Opa's Schintzel Haus  Samurai of Tokyo(I will not review Samurai due to conflict of interest, but will post a story on it soon)

Your Favorite Places to Eat:
(updated as suggestions come in)

Gidgets Sandwich Shack recommended by: Jacob G. and Sam M. of Wichita Falls Texas
Salt & Pepper recommended by Sam M. of Wichita Falls Texas

Other Foodie Finds:

Here are a couple of great link to some food Photography tips! Michael Ray Photography  D.P.S.