Monday, December 5, 2011

Whitetail Cafe!

If you know me then you know I am always on the look out for something new.  Well with word of my blog spreading around town I have gotten to hear a lot about every one's favorite places to eat.  I have even been approached by some restaurants to come in and give them a try.  I have some friends of the family that told me about this place and I am glad they did!

They feature wild game!  Now I grew up around hunting and fishing so I was instantly excited to go to a restaurant that served wild game. :)  The menu is not large, when you do something right and well it does not need to be.  I had a chance to speak to the owner Michael Powell and it was obvious he really enjoyed what he dose.  When we ate it became even more obvious!

I went with my usual partner in crime, my Mom, and her friends.  I love going out with them, they really crack me up and surprise me with some of the things they say :-D

They have a salad bar option, which is nice.  I like to make my own salad then you get exactly what you want!

Check out this Chicken Fried Steak! The picture does not due it justice, the thing is massive and cooked nicely.  Not tough as they can be if over cooked.

I know it is familiar but it wild game, Catfish! Served with Hush Puppies and Beans!  Delicate texture and breaded with corn bread.  I like this stuff now which surprises me O_o Taste changes try things constantly and you will surprise yourself one day!

I had to be more bold and try the Wild Pig and Venison Sausage.  There are two versions of this on the menu.  One is the sausage in its simple form (really not simple, it is bursting with flavor) and one that is stuffed with jalapeno and cheese.  I tried them both as my aunt ordered one and I the other. They are both good but I prefer spicy foods so I liked the stuffed version.

I have to admit I was jealous of my Mom's choice.  To me this is the star of our trip!  It is a Venison Burger.  It was so juicy and not gamey at all.  The bun was a type of jalapeno bread which just set it on a new level.  When I go back I am ordering that for sure! 

So in my jealousy I'm posting this picture of her digging in! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love ya Mom<3

Love Food, Live Life!
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