Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cake Balls! And Christmas Dinner 2010!

This month has been a whirlwind.  The holidays have a way of speeding up time somehow.  Was a great December aside from getting no snow.  But I can be patient since there are no Snowboard resorts within a days drive.  No time to worry about that because it was the week before Christmas in a flash.  Being the first Christmas in more than ten years that I didn't have to work, needless to say I was excited.  Dinner was to be at my Mom's and she asked me to bring desert. 

I had the perfect idea.  While reading  some of my favorite blogs I stumbled upon an "Oreo Cookie Truffle" recipe on A Hungry Spoon.  Funny thing is the day after I read it a girl at work told me about the Cake Balls, and brought them in the following day.  They are so good!  The chocolate is firm and the cake inside just melts in your mouth.  The recipe is easy but time consuming if you undertake a multi cake project like I did.
The recipe is easy enough.

Here's what you'll need:

a box of your favorite cake, or bake your own!
frosting for the cake
your favorite chocolate coating, about 24 oz. (1 lb. & 8oz.) per cake.
All you have to do is bake the cake.  When its done baking and still warm, not hot!  Break the cake apart into a large mixing bowl.  Add frosting and mix with large spoon of some sort.  When the consistency of a puddy your ready to roll!  Roll the Cake Balls that is!  There are many techniques on how to do this.  I just rolled them by hand.  After they are all rolled up place in the freezer and let freeze.  This will help when it comes time to dip, the cake is delicate and falls apart easy if it warms up.

When your ready to start dipping follow the melting instructions on the packaging of your chocolate coating.  Grab your Cake Balls and a tooth pick of two and get to dipping.  I dipped the bottom 3/4 of the Cake Ball and placed in the fridge to cool,  then dipped the tops.  They turned out alright for my first attempt I think.
While I was rolling out the Cake Balls and watching a South Park Christmas marathon on Netflix, I had a creative moment.  In the spirit of the season I was going to make a Cake Ball Snowman!
I formed the larger Cake Balls, made the hat from the cake as well and dipped in chocolate. Hunted down some twigs for his arms.  Carved a carrot down for his nose and cheated and used a sharpie to draw the eyes and mouth.  They where all a well received at the dinner party, and by the end we where all in a sugar and wine induced coma.

The rest of dinner was excellent.  I baked a Prime Rib, nothing fancy.  I just use McCormick Spicy Montreal Steak seasoning and a little garlic powder and rub generously onto the meat.  Baking times vary according to weight.  We also had a Spiral Ham with maple and brown sugar.  Sweet potato pie.  Steamed veggies.  Au gratin potatoes.  And my Mom's Avocado salad.  It was all delicious and topped off by the company of friends and family on a beautiful Christmas afternoon.

  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!
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